Samantha (ahtnamas) wrote in _addxthis,

Hi, I'm Sam. I've yet to find my defining moment. I'm very much involved with music and photography. I appreciate understanding, passionate, and honest people. I'm a great listener, and love having intellectual conversations. I enjoy video games, saving money, and movies that make me squirm. I'm open-minded, out-spoekn, and outgoing. I mostly philosophize, complain about my lack of friends, and talk about my most gnarliest goals in life. I'm sarcastic, I curse, and I tend to make any sentence into something perverted. I have an open mind and I am ready to try new things. I like watching hockey, playing cards, and reading Chuck Palahniuk books.

Basically, I just moved to Roanoke, Virginia from Orlando, Florida. I'd love new friends and such, from here or otherwise. I always read, comment, and update my lifejournal, and would like some more who do the same. Not just here, but I'd enjoy some more Facebook friends. I like actually knowing my friends, on the internet or otherwise. If you would like to add me on here, please comment this entry with your name and where I 'know' you from; just so I can keep everything sorted and such.

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