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Im Ashley

You can call me Ash,Ashes,Ashie.. whatever.

Im 20

I live in the capital of Canada, no not Toronto! Ottawa =P

Im ALWAYS bored, I dont know why, because most of the time, Im busy lol.

Im random, I like random people.

Im kind of shy at first, but when I open up.. Im totally different.

I have two younger sisters, I have a bad relationship with my mom. my Aunt is my best friend.

I love animals, and Currently have 3 pets, a Dog, My own cat, and my sisters Kitten

I Love tattoos, and funky dyed hair.

I hate Needles, i shake when I see them, except tattoo needles.

I have things called "bored projects" .. cut my hair,dye my hair, get a tattoo, whatever.

I like being funny, and love to laugh.

I love music, and litterally listen to so many types of music.

I dislike hardcore rock/heavey metel and emo music.

I love Christmas and everything it intails.

Im a hockey fanatic, I cant live without it.

I love getting letters in the mail, just random notes,playlists,confessions,post cards, anything really.

I love Kawaii stuff,anything kawaii rules.

I want to try Japanese candy.

I want to visit Manchester England,Sicily,and the Reserve my great grandfather's father grew up on.

Im a mixed breed, English,French canadian,Sicilian,Mohawk Indian.

Im interested in Aboriginal (Mohawk) History mostly, but other tribes as well, Im also interested in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

I love soccer, Im a Manchester United Fan.

I'd like email pals, someone to write back and forth with, since I have a few pen pals, why not try email pals!? (Dont Add me to msn)

I'd like male pals, just because I have alot of female ones already, but if your a female and you have alot of the same interests, thats fine!

Anyone interested, drop me a line! =)

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