seiya (starsniper) wrote in _addxthis,

♥ Abby
♥ 17 going on 18 (1 month and 26 days till I can buy porn and go clubbing!!)
♥ Location: Maryland, USA
♥ Ako Ay Pinay, aka Filipino-American
♥ Pansexual
♥ Single and PROUD
♥ Filipino American (Ako Ay Pinay~)
♥ Lover of: hugs & kisses, friendly/outgoing people, electronics, anime
and manga (especially yaoi :D), books, water, spring time (except with
allergies), English Literature, music, playing the piano,
photoshop, traveling, talking on the phone, shopping
♥ Not a fan of: crazy otakus, really cold but not snowing weather, spiders,
homework, Hilary Duff, stalkers, people who drown themselves
ALL the time in their self-miseray (there's no harm if said self misery
is justified every once in a while, even I do that)
♥ Music: HIM, Savage Garden, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Muse, Relient K, Sum 41, Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182, +44, Oasis, Thousand Foot Krutch, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Nickelback, and so much more. I pretty much love everything besides country.
♥ My life in a Nutshell: I'm a ridiculously crazy, hyper, comment happy, camwhorish, girly girl who's trying to find her way in the world. Conformity and convention bore me, I live my life on the edge and I've always got a new story to tell. I like to rant about everything and nothing, my entries can be long winded, and I'm a bit (understatement) on the sarcastic side. I'm just the slightest bit vain and one of the biggest dorks you'll ever meet. Marching Band and Drama Club are LIFE and so are my friends, family, and anime conventions :P So come on over and add me please? :D
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