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Age & Bday // 23..OCTOBER 23RD
Location // ARIZONA
Describe yourself in 7 words // FUN, RANDOM, EASY GOING, SARCASTIC, SILLY

Walter White

looking for friends :)

hi my name is John. I am almost 27 and from Northern Michigan. I love music, reading, and watching movies. check my interests on my profile to find out more. I am looking for friends who like to comment. please either comment here or on my journal to be added.
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Walter White

Friends Needed

Hi everybody! My name is John and I'm from northern Michigan. I'm almost 27. I have a girlfriend and she's the one who got me into LJ. I really love music. They call me the Music Man. I listen to all kinds of music (except country), especially metal. I also like to play video games, especially Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can check my profile for some more of my interests if you'd like. I really need some friends here on LJ. I am looking for anybody with similar interests, male or female, or just anybody who might like to be on my list. I'd appreciate it if only people who will read my entries and comment on them add me. I don't post every single day, but when I do I feel like my entries get ignored most of the time. My girlfriend always gets lots of comments on her journal. Not fair, lol. I'm a really nice guy and I love talking to people. If you're interested, please comment either here or in my journal. Thanks much! :)

Me and my mom :D
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My name is Kristen, my age is 19 and I am a resident of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, The World. I haven't got any friends. I've got a boyfriend, though, and his name is Jake. We hang out sometimes. Other times we do not. I like to go to school. The school I go to now is Dalhousie University, where I am majoring in neuroscience. Someday I will be a great scientist who helps people all over the world with my fascinating and brilliant discoveries. Right now I am not anything special. I am just a girl like every other girl on the face of the planet who keeps a journal. Which, by the way, you are welcome to read.

If you have any questions, just ask. I'd love to be friends.

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My name is Lisa, I just turned 30. on february 21st, I don't look it or act it. I comment at least 3 times a week unless I get really busy. I am obsessive compulsive, I dream alot. I am very annoying at times but who isn't? I am into movies mostly horror. I like almost all music but can only stand a few rap artists. Just add me.  
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Hi, I'm Sam. I've yet to find my defining moment. I'm very much involved with music and photography. I appreciate understanding, passionate, and honest people. I'm a great listener, and love having intellectual conversations. I enjoy video games, saving money, and movies that make me squirm. I'm open-minded, out-spoekn, and outgoing. I mostly philosophize, complain about my lack of friends, and talk about my most gnarliest goals in life. I'm sarcastic, I curse, and I tend to make any sentence into something perverted. I have an open mind and I am ready to try new things. I like watching hockey, playing cards, and reading Chuck Palahniuk books.

Basically, I just moved to Roanoke, Virginia from Orlando, Florida. I'd love new friends and such, from here or otherwise. I always read, comment, and update my lifejournal, and would like some more who do the same. Not just here, but I'd enjoy some more Facebook friends. I like actually knowing my friends, on the internet or otherwise. If you would like to add me on here, please comment this entry with your name and where I 'know' you from; just so I can keep everything sorted and such.


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Im Ashley

You can call me Ash,Ashes,Ashie.. whatever.

Im 20

I live in the capital of Canada, no not Toronto! Ottawa =P

Im ALWAYS bored, I dont know why, because most of the time, Im busy lol.

Im random, I like random people.

Im kind of shy at first, but when I open up.. Im totally different.

I have two younger sisters, I have a bad relationship with my mom. my Aunt is my best friend.

I love animals, and Currently have 3 pets, a Dog, My own cat, and my sisters Kitten

I Love tattoos, and funky dyed hair.

I hate Needles, i shake when I see them, except tattoo needles.

I have things called "bored projects" .. cut my hair,dye my hair, get a tattoo, whatever.

I like being funny, and love to laugh.

I love music, and litterally listen to so many types of music.

I dislike hardcore rock/heavey metel and emo music.

I love Christmas and everything it intails.

Im a hockey fanatic, I cant live without it.

I love getting letters in the mail, just random notes,playlists,confessions,post cards, anything really.

I love Kawaii stuff,anything kawaii rules.

I want to try Japanese candy.

I want to visit Manchester England,Sicily,and the Reserve my great grandfather's father grew up on.

Im a mixed breed, English,French canadian,Sicilian,Mohawk Indian.

Im interested in Aboriginal (Mohawk) History mostly, but other tribes as well, Im also interested in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

I love soccer, Im a Manchester United Fan.

I'd like email pals, someone to write back and forth with, since I have a few pen pals, why not try email pals!? (Dont Add me to msn)

I'd like male pals, just because I have alot of female ones already, but if your a female and you have alot of the same interests, thats fine!

Anyone interested, drop me a line! =)

[ravenclaw] I know that I know nothing

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♥ Abby
♥ 17 going on 18 (1 month and 26 days till I can buy porn and go clubbing!!)
♥ Location: Maryland, USA
♥ Ako Ay Pinay, aka Filipino-American
♥ Pansexual
♥ Single and PROUD
♥ Filipino American (Ako Ay Pinay~)
♥ Lover of: hugs & kisses, friendly/outgoing people, electronics, anime
and manga (especially yaoi :D), books, water, spring time (except with
allergies), English Literature, music, playing the piano,
photoshop, traveling, talking on the phone, shopping
♥ Not a fan of: crazy otakus, really cold but not snowing weather, spiders,
homework, Hilary Duff, stalkers, people who drown themselves
ALL the time in their self-miseray (there's no harm if said self misery
is justified every once in a while, even I do that)
♥ Music: HIM, Savage Garden, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Muse, Relient K, Sum 41, Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182, +44, Oasis, Thousand Foot Krutch, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Nickelback, and so much more. I pretty much love everything besides country.
♥ My life in a Nutshell: I'm a ridiculously crazy, hyper, comment happy, camwhorish, girly girl who's trying to find her way in the world. Conformity and convention bore me, I live my life on the edge and I've always got a new story to tell. I like to rant about everything and nothing, my entries can be long winded, and I'm a bit (understatement) on the sarcastic side. I'm just the slightest bit vain and one of the biggest dorks you'll ever meet. Marching Band and Drama Club are LIFE and so are my friends, family, and anime conventions :P So come on over and add me please? :D

Add me, please

Hi. I'm Jamie Stolzenberg, and I'm a writer from North Carolina. I'm currently looking for people to comment, people to comment me, and hopefully some fans of my writing. If you add me, I will add you back. I give tons of comments, so if you're at a loss for readers, I'm right here.