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Welcome to _addmetoo! This is a place made for finding livejournal friends and not only to make your friends list bigger.

community rules
1. Don't join just to add names to your friends list. It's annoying and you're not cool.
2. Don't promote communities here.
3. Don't join the community, post, and then leave the community. That's stupid and i'll delete your post. Yes I keep track.
4. If you don't follow rule three I will delete your post with no warning.
5. Don't criticise, it's annoying.
6. You can make your posts friends only, but it is not manditory.
7. Comment before adding someone.
8. Large posts and pictures should be put under an lj cut.
9. Sometimes people forget to read other posts on the page. Don't just post your message, read other messages.
10. Be nice to mods&members ;o]

the mods/maintainers



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