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1. DO join if you're sick and tired of adding people in your Friend's List that don't comment.

2. DON'T join if you're simply here just get LJs to add to your Friends List. What's the point in adding new friends if you're not going to get to know them? Honestly, what's the point?

3. DO join if you're out to make some new LJ Friends, and by friends, I mean people that you actually want to get to know.

4. DON'T join if you don't comment in people's journals. You don't have to comment in their every entry, but I think you know what I mean. Don't say that you only comment when you have something meaningful to say or that even though you don't comment, you read the entries...okay, that might be true, but you know with that said, I don't think this is the community for you. This is a community for those who love to give comments. I want people in this community to be those who are comment freaks.

5. Do use the lj-cut code if you're going to post pictures or make long entries. Pictures not hidden under the cut will result in your entry and your membership to be rejected.

6. DON'T promote your communities here. If you do, I will remove them and your posting access.

7. DO eat your vegetables. They're yummy. :D

8. DON'T TyPe LiKe ThIs.

9. DO delete multiple entries. If I go on and see consecutive entries made by you, I will delete your membership and your entries...with no warning.

10. DON'T waste my time by making me fix your mess (see #9). You should know better.

11. This is my community so respect my AUTHORITAHHH!

12. DON'T post like 5 entries in a week. That is sooo freakin' irritating specially when they all say the exact same thing. Give the other members a chance to post their profile and shiznit. If I get irritated, I will delete your crap and maybe even remove your posting access.

13. So I know that you read the 12 major rules, on the subject line, I want you to write, "Add me cuz I really really comment!" Variations will be accepted depending on my mood. Just make sure it's close to this quote. But if you want a guaranteed acceptance to this community, type that line.

13. DO enjoy your stay and I hope you join.

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