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I WANT REAL FRIENDS [entries|friends|calendar]
Add Me I Comment


1. DO join if you're sick and tired of adding people in your Friend's List that don't comment.

2. DON'T join if you're simply here just get LJs to add to your Friends List. What's the point in adding new friends if you're not going to get to know them? Honestly, what's the point?

3. DO join if you're out to make some new LJ Friends, and by friends, I mean people that you actually want to get to know.

4. DON'T join if you don't comment in people's journals. You don't have to comment in their every entry, but I think you know what I mean. Don't say that you only comment when you have something meaningful to say or that even though you don't comment, you read the entries...okay, that might be true, but you know with that said, I don't think this is the community for you. This is a community for those who love to give comments. I want people in this community to be those who are comment freaks.

5. Do use the lj-cut code if you're going to post pictures or make long entries. Pictures not hidden under the cut will result in your entry not being posted.

6. DON'T promote your communities here. If you do, I will remove them and your posting access.

7. DO eat your vegetables. They're yummy. :D

8. DON'T TyPe LiKe ThIs.

9. DO delete multiple entries. If I go on and see consecutive entries made by you, I will delete you and your entries...with no warning.

10. DON'T waste my time by making me fix your mess (see #9). You should know better.

11. This is my community so respect my AUTHORITAHHH!

12. DON'T post like 5 entries in a week. That is sooo freakin' irritating specially when they all say the exact same thing. Give the other members a chance to post their profile and shiznit. If I get irritated, I will delete your crap and maybe even remove your posting access.

13. So I know that you read the 12 major rules, on the subject line, I want you to write, "Add me cuz I really really comment!" Variations will be accepted depending on my mood. Just make sure it's close to this quote. But if you want a guaranteed acceptance to this community, type that line.

14. DO enjoy your stay and I hope you join.

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Want something more than just links in your Friends List? If your answer is "Yes," then you're at the right place. This community is for those who love to give comments and receive comments. If you're not much of a commenter, get the #!$% out of here, plz! You're the very reason why this community was made. Anway, if you're not sure if the person here comments a lot, just go to their Info page and click on the "more details" link at the bottom, which will tell you exactly how many comments they give compared to how many they get.

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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Friday
June 13th, 2008]

I'm not much for flaky people or friends collectors.
I'm Samantha, 19, and from Jonesboro, AR.
I'm a blonde hair/blue eyed German/Scandinavian.
I really want to become a doctor, but honestly, I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life.
I've had panic attacks for over 10 years (I take 6mg Klonopin daily- nice, yeah?)
I struggle on and off with an eating disorder, so if that isn't your thing, you might not want to add me.
I live in an entirely religious area, and my grandfather was a southern baptist preacher. Because of that, I pretty much loathe religion.
I listen to music like Nine Inch Nails, Alec Empire, and Deadsy.
I think marijuana should be sold in vending machines.
Hydrocodone is fun to take, too, but not very often because I don't want to be addicted to anything.
I'm looking for some new and interesting people to add to my friends list. I like to read and comment on the entries, so if you want to add me, leave a comment letting me know!
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Add me because I really, really comment! [Friday
June 13th, 2008]

Hi. I'm looking for some new friends... of course. I'm not particularly good at "promoting" myself, so I shall keep this brief. :]

I'm twenty-two and female, living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My journal is mostly daily ramblings and reflections; sometimes I may talk about books I've read or films I've seen. I'm currently not in school, but I'll be returning to college this autumn hopefully. In the meantime, I do volunteer work.

Interests and such...

music: Depeche Mode, Hole, Manic Street Preachers, Noir Désir, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wovenhand, Porcupine Tree.

interests: music, books, fashion photography, travel (especially abroad), animals (owls, cats, rabbits, deer...), art, gothic Americana, foreign films, solitude, rainstorms and bad weather, history, gardens, aimless walks.

Anyway, feel free to add me. Just comment here or in my journal. :]
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Add me 'cause I really, really comment [Thursday
June 12th, 2008]

My name is Aisha. I'm eighteen, and I live in Nashville, TN. I'm originally from Dallas, TX. I'm half Asian. I have an awesome boyfriend named James, who is 28 and a musician (he plays bass in a black metal band named Enfold Darkness and he has his own electronic project as well). I'm on a hiatus from school, but I'll be attending Middle Tennessee State University soon with an Asian Studies major. I plan on being a translator after I graduate.

Quick facts:

- I want to actually be friends with the people on my list, so if you don't see that happening, no need to add me. :D
- I'm a bookworm. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors. I also read a lot of horror and especially vampire books. I'm also an insufferable Harry Potter nerd - so much so that I read fanfiction and roleplay (although there is virtually no fandom talk in my journal.
- In my spare time, I watch a lot of foreign films, go to shows (metal shows, primarily), cook
(especially baking), write (fiction), and daydream.
-I've lived in four states in the past three years. I miss Raleigh, NC.
- I watch anime and read manga. No, it does not consume my life, and no, I'm not an "otaku". Trigun is my absolute favorite, hands down, but Outlaw Star and Bleach are close.

If you want to know more, you should check out my profile.
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Add me I comment [Wednesday
June 4th, 2008]

I'm an LJ user seeking some good journals to read and comment. I'm also looking for some people to give me some input in my entries.

My journal entries aren't out of this world. I'm an ordinary college college student with an ordinary life. But I'm feeling lonely in this LJ world and would like to share my ordinary life with some extraordinary people.

A bit about me and my interests:

-I'm 21 and a Junior at FGCU
-I love animals (I plan on getting my Masters in Wildlife)
-I try to be a bookworm, but time and school make it hard for me
-My favorite book is Pillars of the Earth
-I'm a musician, I play guitar, violin, viola, and piano.
-I love jamming with my boyfriend Max and some of our buddies.
-I love painting, occasionally I'll post some of my art. I've yet to really get that going, but its something I plan to do a lot once the summer ends and I have more time to paint. So far i've only posted two works, and they can be viewed via the "art" tag in my journal.
-Favorite bands include: The Beatles,Pink Floyd, Dispatch, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Ratatat, Lotus, Pnuma Trio, DMB

Anyhow, thats just a jist.

If you want to add me, please comment on my friends only post! :-D
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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Saturday
May 31st, 2008]

 Hey guys!
I am looking for more LJ friends that love commenting as much as I do!I like to become friends with the people on my LJ list and commenting is a great way to do so!

I am 25 and I live in Sydney, Australia. Although in July I will be embarking on an adventure to the USA for 6 months. I am going over there for one semester of university to study Film, which is what I study here. Film is my major, along with journalism and English Literature is my minor. Obviously I'm right into movies and books, as well as music and sports. Some of my favourite things are:-
Movies: Breakfast At Tiffanys, Gone With The Wind, Lord Of The Rings, Garden State, Dogma, Arsenic And Old Lace, Vertigo, Amelie, Love Actually, Harry Potter, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sunset Boulevarde, Roman Holiday
Music: Oasis, Powderfinger, Coldplay, The White Stripes, Something With Numbers, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, The Dandy Warhols
TV: Scrubs, Sex And The City, Entourage, The Sopranos, Beverly Hills 90210, Six Feet Under, Americas Next Top Model, American Idol, The Hills, Laguna Beach...I know, I'm a tragic reality junkie!

As I said, I love comments and new friends!So if you want to be friends, please comment here and I'll add you!
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"Add me Cause I really, really comment....ALOT" [Saturday
May 31st, 2008]

Desperately Seeking Interesting Journals !

I've been out of LJ for about a year and have recently returned and need some new friends.
I'm 25 year old Bartender/Student, living on an island on Florida....originally from Chicago....My one true love!
I update and comment daily~ mostly about random happenings in my life, the news, or this crazy place I live...
You see it all here. I'm big on reader participation, because I want to know all about my friends.
People fascinate me, so I'm always asking for opinions and viewpoints, and sometimes what kind of Ben and Jerry's ice would you create....stupid shit like that.
I try to keep things interesting. You won't find 10 paragraph updates taking you play by play through my day,
So I don't really want to find that in your journal either.
Other than that I have no requirements on who I add...just let me know if you do add me.
So yeah, that's about it.
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Add me because I really, really comment :) [Thursday
May 29th, 2008]

Hello, potential friends!

My name is Kristen, my age is 19 and I am a resident of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, The World. I haven't got any friends. I've got a boyfriend, though, and his name is Jake. We hang out sometimes. Other times we do not. I like to go to school. The school I go to now is Dalhousie University, where I am majoring in neuroscience. Someday I will be a great scientist who helps people all over the world with my fascinating and brilliant discoveries. Right now I am not anything special. I am just a girl like every other girl on the face of the planet who keeps a journal.

Any further questions, just ask :)
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add me cuz I really really comment! [Monday
May 26th, 2008]
I just made a new journal, so don't mind the lack of entries so far.
I tend to update/comment a lot.

me, simple, and in list form:
  • meghan, 20
  • addicted to caffeine
  • i have really bad anxiety/mood swings...but i laugh pretty much all day long
  • music = life (pink floyd, brand new, dmb, cake, beatles...it's a very eclectic list)
  • i don't watch a lot of tv, unless i have it on dvd (daria, csi, golden girls, six feet under)
  • i go to the movies like it's my job
  • i love the colour green
  • random
  • sarcastic
  • cynical
  • photography, painting, drawing...i like all that artsy stuff
  • i use comma's way too much, along with the ... thing
  • i love to bake, especially if i've been drinking
  • i have an awkward fear of goats
  • concerts are possibly my favourite thing ever
  • this list could go on and on...but i'll let you get to know more by adding me

So add me already!

x-posted like a beast
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add me cause i really really comment [Tuesday
May 27th, 2008]

i'm tessa and i'm fifteen.
i post pictures in every entry (it's a compulsion.)
i also post poetry.
i adore comments and commenting
but it's not the main reason i'm looking for people to add to my flist,
i actually would like friends.
i don't care how old you are,
i'm sure we'll get along if you're twice my age.
look through my profile and userpics for a bit about my interests and self.
if you would like to be added,
comment here or my friends only post and i'll add you back.
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add me because i really comment! [Tuesday
May 27th, 2008]

[ mood | bored ]

my name is krista.
i am going to be a junior at the university of southern maine.
i am a theatre major with a concentration in acting.
i also am interested in set design, make-up design, costume design, sound design and play-writing.
i thought that tim burton ruined sweeney todd and i don't care how hot you think johnny depp is, he did a shitty job too.
for examples of music; television; movies; that i like, check out my profile.

proof i am not a robotCollapse )

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add me, because i really, really comment :) [Sunday
May 25th, 2008]

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Add me cuz I really really comment!!!! [Friday
May 16th, 2008]

[ mood | bored ]

I promise you I comment. I want friends I can get to know. I post often and post a lot of pictures and occassionally videos. I'm 31, bi, Pagan, married, and a mom of two. I love journaling and reading about other people too. I love people who are creative. I make jewelry and crafts and love to express my through my photography and digital art. I'm currently putting together a photo portfolio and am planning a trip to St Louis for photography and a visit with a friend this summer.  

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Add me cuz I really really comment [Sunday
May 18th, 2008]

[ mood | content ]

Hi everyone! My name is Ania and I'm 20 years old.
I'm a student, studying French Philology close to a year now.
But I'm hoping to get my masters in design.

I love adding new people to my friends list. I write in
my lj on average 3-4 times per week. I comment rather
often, just as long as I see my entries being commented
on as well. :)
Some things that I like:
- Animals. I am a huge animal rights activist
- Tim Burton movies
- Horror movies and fantasies
- Going to theaters(I especially adore ballets)
- Sushi
- Shopping
- Art( I love to paint, draw, visit art museums)
- Reading and writing
- Everything having to do with France
- Traveling (I travel a LOT)

I'm a REALLY FRIENDLY person, and even though I'm an Aries,
its very rare for me to be bossy or aggressive. Also I'm
very much of a girly girl, but I am a huge fan of gory horror
movies and all things creepy and strange. And I can honestly
say that I'm a little kid at heart.

I'm looking forward to adding new people to my friends list!

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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Saturday
May 24th, 2008]

My name is Amber and I'm 19 years old. 
I'm looking for new friends, new people 
to get to know and talk to. 
I'm open to everything and 
live spur-of-the-moment 
which gets me into trouble sometimes. =) 
I'm on livejournal more again now 
because myspace got boring. =( 
I listen to all kids of music, 
it usually depends on 
who I'm with and what's going on. 
I'm always with my friends and 
don't live with my parents! =)
Add me if you want,
let's get to know each other. =)
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Add me cuz I really really comment [Monday
May 12th, 2008]

New here, looking for people to meet and get to know. Names Jonathan, 18.

I want friends who are actually interested in getting to know me. I comment a lot because I love to talk.

I'm into rock and alternative music, video games with friends, chuck palahniuk novels, being a lazy fuck, travel, and sweets.

Check me out and hit me up.
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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Monday
May 12th, 2008]

Hi! My names Caroline, I live in NC, and I'm 18. I'm really tired of friending people who never comment, I feel like I don't get to know them at all. So I'm very happy to have found this community =D

I'm really into movies of all kinds except horror. My favorites right now are probably The Departed and the Korean film My Sassy Girl.

I love music. I listen to bands like Something Corporate, Say Anything, Cobra Starship, Motion City Soundtrack, Se7en, Triceratops, Barenaked Ladies, SID, Radiohead, Smash Mouth, HOME MADE KAZOKU, The Pillows and many others.

I'm really into anime and manga as well. Right now my favorites are Full Metal Alchemist, Ranma 1/2, Honey and Clover, Nana, Death Note, Tramps Like Us, and Eureka 7.

I interested in tons of other stuff as well, but I don't want you guys to have to read a ton, so if you're not sure - check out my profile =D
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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Saturday
May 10th, 2008]

[ mood | bored ]

My name is Sara. I moved to Australia 3 years ago when I married my husband, Daniel.

I have a son that we believe is to be autistic, and I suffer very badly from post natal depression.

I'm currently doing the 365-project, and I love getting comments and giving comments. I love reading and I love to be an ear to listen if you ever need me.

I rant and complain my journal, I don't expect people to feel sorry for me, as I don't want that. I just want someone to listen sometimes, if you don't want to read it, I'm not holding a gun up to your head. :-)

Most of my entries are just normal though with the picture, and a bit of a description of what I did that day or some things I want to remember. People have found me pretty interesting, maybe you'll find me interesting too?

I hope to find some friends here, comment on my friends only banner if you'd like to add me! :-) By the way, I'm an absolute animal freak! <3

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Add me cuz I really really comment! [Saturday
May 10th, 2008]


picturesCollapse )

16, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Horror/Cult movies, music and books.
Has a kitty named Frankenstein. Love.
Coffee, Intarwebz, Baking, Kicking Ass.
Sleepovers, Toking and Drinking.
Reading and writing. Dreaming.

I'd love new friends. I want more journals to read.
Add me?

contact: msn: thepirateswench@gmail.com
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add me cuz i really really comment! [Friday
April 18th, 2008]
seriously, i do comment. i never shut up, in fact. it's actually kinda sad sometimes.

i'm jo. add me :>
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add me, for I really do comment (rule 12!) [Sunday
April 20th, 2008]

I really, really comment because I really, really have too much time on my hands right now.
Im bored a lot in the middle of the night (occupational hazard of being a night owl) and that means comments on your entries. Maybe not always profound, but let's admit it-- half the battle is just knowing that someone is paying attention. I pay attention.

You should be:
18-30 (approx.; Im 22).
vaguely intelligent (I approach the world through the books I read, my somewhat atypical experiences, and with a certain skepticism and tendency to critique. I'm not posting a groundbreaking thesis in my lj (by far!), but...)
artistic in some way, shape, or form ( I paint. I draw. i do photography... I dont care what you do so long as you have some notion of why one might be one of those people who writes, paints, makes music, etc)
into music (you dont have to exactly share my taste, but those people who dont like music very much... i just can't understand them. they freak me out. Its unnatural! I like a somewhat large range of things; rachmaninov to eyehategod to choking victim, for example. but in general indie/diy, not "mainstream"... I dont know anything at all about hip hop and I dont like electronic/dance music...)
not overly interested in tv. I only realize the truly bizarre and negative effects tv had on my own life. that is why I quit watching it a few years ago. i have really felt a big difference, and now I try to stay away from talk about it as well. its not a "zero tolerance policy" or anything, its just  a general proclivity...
not into video games. i admit it, I'm a snob about this. i think video games are lame.
vaguely left-leaning (at least; I actually consider myself aligned with the "post-left"... yes, it sounds slightly pretentious, but I'd rather be pretentious than... the alternative ; ) I dont want to hear electoral politics talk, at the very least. I dont go on political rants, so its really not that big a deal...)

All of those things are tangential to my lj, i suppose, since you will hear me talk mostly about my daily life... but then again, my daily life is just the things that interest me as right now i dont have a regular show up 9-5 job or anything. I admit to some whinging, but I try to keep it more explanatory than flat out whining...

In case you want to know more, just look at what communities I'm in (i mod one, theoryquotes) and you'll get the general idea...
I will even arrange them for you by loose category...
music-related:  _brighteyes, danceandfight,_jeffmangum, ironandwine, metal_exchange, one_song_a_day, psych_folk, indie_exchange,
art-related: raptamakeout, foto_decadent, handmadebooks, literarytattoos, lyrical_ink, text_tattoos,
thought-related: antipsychiatry, kissmyass_cosmo, capandschiz, control_society, critical_animal, grammargasm, theoryquotes, latin, linguaphiles, literaryquotes, loltheorists, situationists, red_sing_songs, redanarchist,
experience-related: abilified, aus_cattle_dogs, needaroaddog, nocturnalhabit,   schizofriendsswapstuff, sza_living
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