send me flowers to the moon. (gothania) wrote in _addmeicomment,
send me flowers to the moon.

Hello. I'm one of those people who eventually leave livejournal. Randomly. Unfortunately I did so some time ago and now I'm back and - nobody ever missed me! Or at least it seems like that. Actually I'm not that boring. I'm a silly girl who becomes older and older (already 2 and 2! ahhhh!) but not at heard. I collect Disneycharacter from those little surprise-eggs and I am a Sailor Scount in my freetime. I daydream a lot and I want my livejournal to become way more personal as it is right now. I still have a lot of people I really DONT know in my friendlist but I dislike that. English is not my first language (maybe you recognized that?) even though I'd like it to be like that. I love to go into the cinema and I totally love fantasy and science fiction. I also read a lot. My addiction is photography so I will probably post a lot of pictures (but i dont do camwhoring a lot!). I DONT like fashionblogs and makeupjournals. I like cute japanese things a lot! SO PLEASE HELP ME getting to know some new and closer friends on LJ! ♥

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