Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Eleni Vamvakari

Add me cuz I really really comment!

Geia sas/hello. I'm looking to expand my list of friends, especially locally (in NJ/NY). I'm a commenter and enjoy those who read and comment as well. My boyfriend is 63, so there's no such thing as too old, but I usually prefer at least 21 and up, 18 at the minimum. Just say hi, so I can add you back. If you're interested in meeting off lj, I wouldn't mind that either, once we got to know one another.

Anyway, a bit about me. My name is Tiffany, but most call me Tiffanitsa or Tiff. I'm a 24-year-old college graduate who's now a Passion Parties consultant and love it. (See link in my profile if you're over 18 and in the U.S. or Canada.). I was born and raised in New Jersey (america), but I put Greece above all countries (1/16% Hellenic blood*, so you'll often see political stuff and news in my lj. I'm very opinionated and don't try to hide it. I enjoy cooking from scratch (no dieting or low fat stuff) and listening to music, especially 30's and 40's rebetika and some old laika (both Greek styles). I own a trixordo bouzouki (like a guitar) and a baglama (mini bouzouki) and am trying to teach myself how to play. I enjoy nonalcoholic wine and O'Doule's beer, coffee, tea and cigarettes. I love warm weather, playing dominoes, and writing (from plain stories and poetry to erotica). I also love animals but don't have a pet of my own. I have an interest in the paranormal but don't practise magic etc. I'm a Hellenic Polytheist believing in the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece and I respect people of all faiths so long as they don't proselitise. Oh yeah, and I've been totally blind since I was two-months-old. My computer speaks to me (Macbook running Leopard and VoiceOver).

Really hope we can talk soon. Btw, feel free to add me to whatever messengers we have in common.

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