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add me cos i really, really comment!

the way i want it the way it is:

♥ i'm creative.
♥ i'm spunky.
♥ i'm compassionate to a fault.
♥ i like inch worms -- they make me laugh.
♥ i love making friends.
♥ i'm a christian and it's a positive extension of who i am, rather than a negative limitation like it can be for a lot of folks.
♥ i'm 27 but i feel and act like i'm 18. sometimes younger. ;)
♥ my favorite band is coldplay.
♥ my current addiction is dessert mints. YUM.
♥ i really want to meet cool people in the LJ community and a cool person in my book is:
             + someone who likes to swap opinions back and forth and doesn't get upset if mine is different.
             + someone who primarily writes about the more significant things in life. (but a post about painting your fingernails every once in a while is all right. look at some of the stuff *i* write about! *grin*)
             + someone who has a great sense of humor and doesn't take themselves too seriously.

so comment here or on my friends only post, add me, and i'll add you back! :]
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