Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Eleni Vamvakari

Add me cuz I really really comment!

My name is Tiffany, but I prefer Tiffanitsa. I'm looking to expand my list of friends here on lj. It would be great to find some people who share at least some of my interests. I hope it goes without saying that I love commenting and getting comments in return. I like quizzes and especially surveys, so don't worry if you post those in your lj. My boyfriend is 62, so there's no such thing as too old, but please only add me if you're a legal adult in your country of residence. Also, feel free to add me to whatever messengers we have in common. Anyway, I'm 24 and a college graduate living in New Jersey, U.S.A. but I'm a Hellenic patriot, meaning that I put Greece above all countries. So, along with stuff about me, you'll often see things about Hellenic news, politics, culture and even sports scores in my lj. I love listening to music, especially rebetika from below the 60's and some old laika and playing my bouzouki (kind of like a guitar) and baglama (a mini bouzouki). I'm teaching myself, and would really appreciate tips on the dromoi and playing techniques. I also enjoy english music from the 50's through the 70's, reading, , writing, cooking from scratch, coffee, cigarettes, nonalcoholic wine, organic and free range foods (no dieting), natural medicine, fringe sciences and the paranormal, my Macbook, warm weather, board games and vintage technology. I also collect cigarette lighters, coins, stamps and interesting bottles and glasses. I love animals but don't have a pet of my own. I'm a Hellenic Polytheist (think Greek mythology), but I respect all religions. I'm very opinionated and straight forward, but I can respect different opinions. That doesn't mean, though, that I don't enjoy heated debates, cause I do. Oh yeah, and I've been totally blind since I was two-months old. I use talking software to read the screen. Btw, I'm still learning Greek, so please be patient if you use it to write to me. Take care and talk soon.

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