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Add me cuz I really really comment!

Being a couple of months shy of 25 I am nearing quarter life crisis and my livejournal is a chronicle of my cynical, more often than not, straight forward no-bullshitting-around ancedotes that I've picked up somewhere along the road of realizing that "holy fuck, I am an adult now?" In between entries I can often be found browsing the aisles of Duane Reade (drug store in nyc), drooling at things I can't afford in Lord & Taylor, staring out of my Fifth Avenue window at work watching people go by or reading some random bullshit online.

Okay down to the nitty gritty, I am a twenty something sex-in-the-city wannabe female but failing miserably so on my post undergrad salary. I live in New York City, work in Midtown Manhattan, live the in the Bronx and I like cheese, walking (to McDonalds), spending an unecessary amount of hours on the computer & watching movies (netflix fanatic). And I like run on sentences. My journal is a myriad of different things ranging from my boyfriend (whom I wanna marry), work (which I slack off), shopping sprees (I like to shop), personal rants and other musings. I rarely post photos and interactive memes but if I do, they are always behind a cut. There used to be a pic of me in my consortium of lj icons but I've decided that I am way too fucking paranoid for that. Plus if you are really THAT shallow, then you shouldn't add me. And people that don't know the difference between you're vs your, they're, their or there, etc. bug the hell out of me.

I like interactive folks on my friend's lists and hate lurkers. I comment pretty often and often at random times of the day. I don't expect comment whores, but hey, showing a genuine interest and letting me know you're still interested in what I have say would be really nice. I prefer not to add journals that hurt my eyes, that does use paragraph breaks, uses bad html code & is nothing about quizzes and memes. I tend to use a lot of foul language, make sexual references and often say things without caring who I offend. I don't like political or religious journals because they bore me to tears. I really don't want to hear about how you've become one with the universe or how Jesus is your homeboy. And I am not entirely fond of extremist liberals. Spare me your tree hugging ancedotes & oats n barely recipes for better living & the preaching. If you must know, I also wear fur & and I don't need a lecture on it. I've been told that I am insanely honest and sometimes downright evil. But I swear you may never see that side unless.. :)

So uh, I guess this is the part where you add me? My journal is 100% friends only and I plan on keeping it that way. If you'd like to add me, just drop me a note on the friends only entry!

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