colleensoboe (colleensoboe) wrote in _addmeicomment,

add me cuz i really really comment

hey im new to live journal,

im colleen, 16 years old from Northern Minnesota. I laugh really loud, and im also a really bad driver. I read a lot and love history, nonfiction books are my favorite. i play some sports. the music i like is sappy love songs and classic rock. im irish catholic and will probably spend a lot of time in purgatory.

My journal entries will be mostly about what happens during the day, quirky thoughts, ill talk about my friends a lot too. Im an awesome commenter to the people who comment on my entries, if you dont comment on mine ill probably delete you or whatever.

add me if you update regularly (not twice a day or twice a month-in between) i update a few times a week. i like listening to other opinions, but i definately have my own. i get a long with everyone, so if you want to be friends comment on my friends only banner please!

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