andrea (ambitiousxandi) wrote in _addmeicomment,

*I'm Andrea! Just call me Andi.
*I'm a 14 year old sarcastic female. (15 in November.)
*I can play solitaire for 5 hours straight...easily.
*I like English class, and despise Math class.
*I still laugh at "Yo Mama" jokes.
*I like music. More of the "emo" persuasion.
*BUT I don't consider myself emo. I'M HAPPY-GO-LUCKY! (most of the time.)
*I pretty much take pictures of anything and everything.
*I love travelling.
*I love US shopping.
*I live in Canada! Wooo!
*I like indie films, documentaries and all kinds of movies.
*I like you..and I'm pretty sure you like me so come on and add me!

Image hosted by
Are you contemplating adding me?
Image hosted by
Will this photo make you decide?
Image hosted by
I bet your scared because of the previous picture.
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Don't worry, I'm friendly, so add me!
Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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