Justice Jones (lilmizzoleskool) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Justice Jones



Name: Justice

Age: 17

Number of Days until i can buy ciggarettes, porn and lottery tickets: 28

Sexuality:  Some what confused

Location: Los Angeles

Not so vital info:

I love reading, writing poetry, attempting to play musical instruments, singing, and music is the oxygen to my blood stream that keeps my heart pumping.


When it comes to LJ friends:

I enjoy reading all sorts of people's journals.It doesnt matter what race, religion,  or musical preferance.. though im not going to like im a hip hop head like none otha. However if you are a darling little Teeny Bopper between the ages of 12-15 we just might clash a little bit. If you think you can hang by all means add me. But im just letting  you know now.


Umm i comment like i've lost my mind.. not everyone has to comment ALL the time, i dont expect that.. but every few entries a little commentage would be greatly appreciated


OH and Add me cuz i really really reallly comment!!!



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