Irene Marie (prophylactic_) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Irene Marie


IRENE [is my name].
EIGHTEEN [years of age].
FRESHMAN [at scad].
[pop/digital] ARTIST.
PICTURE WHORE [but really insecure].
INTROVERT [at first].
EXTROVERT [when comfortable].
[overly] SARCASTIC.
[horribly] SENSITIVE.
LOVEABLE [you know you want a hug].
[somewhat] FUNNY.


Call me Irene. Yes, the "peaceful" one. I live at home with my overprotective parents in Maryland. Amazingly, even with a problematic marriage, no divorce occurred. My immediate family also includes two older brothers, making me the only daughter and youngest. My pets, all named after characters from Greek mythology, include a dog and two cats.

Despite being half Norwegian, a quarter Greek and the rest a mixture of German, Italian and Native American, I primary identify with my Greek heritage. Unfortunately, I can only speak English and understand a little French and Greek. I made a life goal to learn another language; I want to learn Greek so I can visit Greece again. The only opportunity to visit Greece came after a few months my third birthday, thus making memories of Greece unclear and exaggerated. I feel I did not get to experience the country to it's fullest.

Unlike most people who never step foot out of the country, I regularly go to Canada. Now, I do not usually stay there long, I merely fly to Regina, Saskatchewan to drive down to Plentywood, Montana to visit my mother's family. When in Montana, I usually stay at the family ranch. Yes, this city girl can take the small town and dirt roads. I encourage everyone to visit the beautiful state of Montana, once you see how beautiful nature can be, you will be ashamed at the destructive habits us humans bare.

I believe we should live life to it's fullest, but not to the point where one behaves irresponsible and reckless. I may appear to be crazy and outgoing, but I do possess a good head on my shoulders and I know how to take care of myself. When you first meet me, you should not expect the outgoing Irene because when I first meet people and tend to keep a bit to myself until I become more comfortable around you.

I do not care about the opinions of strangers, so I say/do almost anything in public because the chances of encountering them again most likely will not occur. Because of this, I make an awesome passenger in a car. In the car, I constantly: rock out to music despite having windows all around me, flirt with the old guy in the next car, and yell "Hola Papi" to the Spanish guys on the sidewalk.

I possess a sarcastic sense of humor and I joke around a lot. This being said, do not take anything I say in a joking manner to heart. Despite my sense of humor, I believe "honesty is the best policy" and I give a honest opinion when asked. If you do something out of line, you will know. But don't be too scared, once in my good graces, I forgive when one deserves it.

When it comes to making friends, I believe everyone deserves a chance until they do something to not deserve it. I will treat you nicely until you do something to someone I care about or me. I do not listen to rumors, I get to know people and decide for myself. However, if you present yourself in a way that disinterests me, I will most likely behave apathetically.

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