Lindsey Danielle (__mercymedical) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Lindsey Danielle

x-posted like everywhere

Hiiii. Im Lindsey. I ammm..
17 and im from kennesaw,Georgia.
I love things like: the golden girls.anchorman.micheal ian black.penguins.randomness.rum.parties.random things.
uhh some more random things about me:
My favorite color is green
I hate judgementalness
e-bitches are dumb.
I draw lots of stuff on ms paint
Im obssessed with bloc party.
I have red hair.
I love my cat even though she hisses at most of my family(She hissed at my ex though so shes not a bad judge of character.)

sssssssssoo yeah i have no idea what else to sayy, soo addeth?&hearts

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