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Name: Jamie
Age: Just turned 20, on July 25th!
Location: Michigan, the metro detroit area
School: Going on my third year at Central Mich University! Majoring in family studies and minoring psychology

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That would be me. Taken 2 years ago, I dont have any recent pictures on my computer!!!

Some random things about me:

I love frogs, kittens, and dragons!
I was in show choir all throughout junior high and high school - I love singing and dancing.
My favorite colors are blue and silver, green and purple are right behind!
I am into ghosts and paranormal.
I love the internet and computers - when im at the computer I just constantly check livejournal!
I dont like rap music, and most country music. I am more into alternative, pop, and soft rock. I love them slow love songs.
A few of my favorite musical artists include Jason Mraz, Michelle Branch, Mariah Carey *her old stuff, Christina Aguleria, Alanis Moresette, Enimen, Vertical Horizon, etc..
I am really random at times.
I love my friends.
I tend to be shy in big groups of people.
I worry way to much, mostly about school.
My favorite foods are pizza and chicken parm.
I have 4 chihuahuas
My friends make fun of me beacuse I wear socks with sandles
My favorite season is spring
I love white roses, they are the best.
My favorite scent is vanella
I love hoodies *hoodies that zip up and have those pocket things for your hands are a plus*
I am the most un-athletic person ever!
I love happy things

In my journal I bitch a lot about school... just to warn ya! In a lot of my entries I ask for advice from friends and hope to recieve it, and I would be more than happy to do the same in return. The reason why I came to this community is because I was hoping to get to know some people on the net. I dont just want random people on my friends lists, id like to get to know the people who read my journals. Also if you comment to me I will be more than happy to comment back to you in your journal :-) So if your interested feel free to comment on my journal, __jamielee, and add me! Just let me know alittle bit about you or whatever. I will be sure to add you back.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment

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