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im 21, minnesotan, steph, pro-choice, anti-bush, crime show junkie, really random, piggie owner, hippie by heart, always barefoot, sick, bored, disabled, picture junkie, a fan of angelina jolie and johnny depp, bohemian fan, love learning about new things, dont drink or do drugs but i have a lot of friends that do, writer, graphic maker, journal junkie, cartoons, milkshakes, not a fan of red meat, i can't stand people who whine about shit but refuse to change it, i dont care for people who add me then forget they ever made a journal, i love comments and i comment a lot, since im on disability i have A LOT of time on my hands, granola, green tea, prefer music from 60's 70's and the 80's, hates the word "bling bling", hardly watches mtv.

- Don't ask to be added just add me if you like me :)
- no one UNDER 14
- racism, homophobia, agism, ablism is BAD just don't do it
- if you hate problems with anti-bushisns that don't add me

I am a little contraversial, i post things that some people might find offensive, but i always do it behind the cut, i post things that make people thing, i don't update about everything i do, i love lists, and any quizes or memes are kindly put behind the cut

:) Bored? spam me here and ONLY there... other-wise i delete it

Comment here</b> to tell me you added me. ONLY friends adding posts are to be put here

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