...Take your doll house dreams & make them real..♥ (crazycutie_1221) wrote in _addmeicomment,
...Take your doll house dreams & make them real..♥

My names Kristy, i'm 17 and live in small town right outside of Detroit Michigan. In a year i plan on moving out with my best friend to either New York or Southern Cali.

Three things i have an obsession with are
-flip flops
-lip gloss
-& purses
Oh & I cant live without iced coffee. Starbucks is my addiction.

I hate people who are judgemental, hypocritical or ignorant. I also cant stand people who start drama merely out of boredom. If you have any of these qualities please refrain from adding me.

I dont have a boyfriend, but there is a certain guy who i hook up with, that i care so much about. Theres a lot of different guys that come and go in my life, i just dont want commitment right now, and dont wanna be tied down. The thought of being in a serious relationship scares me. I have problems opening up to people and tend to push potentially good "nice" guys out of my life. For some reason i am always attracted to the more "asshole" type of guys.

I love to party and have a good time.. I am a very easy person to get along with, & I love new friends, so drop me a comment if you wanna be added ;)

OH! and i just made a myspace, and would love new friends on there, so if you have one - add me! :)

Check me out!

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