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100 Random Things About Shandee

1. They call me Milla, Shandee Milla
2. My favourite IM is yahoo
3. I am turned on by vampire teeth (Mr Sexi X has 'em)
4. I once wrote vampire stories cause I &hearts vampires
5. I loathe snobby people
6. I am a kitty kat *purr*
7. I love lollipops (And using them to distract the sales people so I can get what I want ;-P)
8. I am addicted to chocolate (But I haven't had it for like weeks!! :-O Like OMG!)
9. I have an addiction to mint chewing gum.
10. I say OMG a lot.
11. I can let out UBER crazy hyperactive side with my sister only.
12. I have a double personality
13. I love eyeliner
14. I love woodapple juice (The yummiest fruit drink on Earth)
15. I think I'm gonna do Marketing & Advertise Design in college
16. I'm going to college next year in either Auzzieland, Canada, UK or US (Not too sure about the last option though)
17. I've always wanted to go to Venice and go on a Gondola with my luff ♥
18. I ♥ dancing in the rain
19. I love ear rings
20. I ♥ thunderstorms
21. I'm an internet junkie
22. I have an attention seeking disorder ;-P
23. I love ice cream
24. I love my friends
25. I wish I had a better cell phone
26. I love the fact that I have a landphone of my desk ;-P
27. I want a red convertible (or black or silver or bright cornflower blue)
28. I have nailpolish in all colours of the rainbow :-P
29. I ♥ Hubba Bubba bubblegum
30. I can make a MAD fruit salad
31. I love drawing with charcoal
32. I give my utmost to get what I want
33. I have a Monolta digi camera
34. I love my fringe and I'm never gonna get rid of it ;-P
35. I love lions (all cats actually)
36. I like to meow in the elevator
37. I adore dancing to Prodigy
38. I wanna go to Paris one day and try out my French
39. I love playing Diablo II
40. I am addicted to The Sims
41. I get turned on by good use of language LOL
42. I love the thesaurus ;-P
43. I have a sister who's name means 'night'
44. I love sad romance flicks
45. I love jewelery
46. I love Claddagh rings
47. I'm so manipulative with my sister LOL
48. I love playin with Corel Photopaint
49. Music is my life
50.I love to sing
51. My favourite cartoon was Tom & Jerry as a kid
52. I adore bugs bunny and daffy duck (OMG I almost typed daffy fuck!) :-S
53. I love reading murder mystery novels
54. I'm impatient
55.I have a temper
56. I love the play Romeo & Juliet
57. I love the play Macbeth
58. I like sayin 'U Rawk My Sawkz!'
59. My birthday is August 3rd
60. I was born on my mom's birthday
61. I miss my gorgeous silver Mercedes Benz
62. I am not tall
63. I love painting my toenails
64. I'm turned off by arrogance in guys (Uber arrogance..that is)
65. I love dimples
66. I love Chinese symbols
67. I am bi-lingual
68. I wanna learn Italian or Spanish
69. I can't stand people who brag like mad
70. I love Birtish accents on guys ;-P
71. I love my lj friends and love to read their eljays
72. I wanna pet a kangaroo
73. I love Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter
74. I love reading Draco/Ginny fan fics
75. I love Hawaiian pizza
76. I love LOVE
77. I love sketchers
78. I wanna see the Taj Mahal
79. I wish I had contact lenses
80. I LOVE to dance
81. I want Preity Zinta glasses ;-P (KHNH)
82. I love watching fireworks
83. I wanna touch a dolphin
84. I play piano & a bit of guitar
85. I wanna fly
86. I love reading comics
87. I love superheroes
88. I adore eating peaches and cream
89. I love my flash disk
90. I have a collection of handbags and shoes ;-P
91. I hate discrimination
92. I love giving hugs and kisses and GETTING ;-P
93. I wanna get a tattoo at the back of my waist (Like the one Lana Lang has in Smallville) ;-P
94. I wish people weren't superficial
95. I have mixed feelings for the metro LOL
96. Chocolate makes me UBER hyper
97. I love Bollywood flicks (With english subtitles) Lol
98. I wanna go to the beach SO badly right now
99. I want to pierce my bellybutton
100. I am a Buddhist

I comment as much as I can and I love getting comments too ♥
Add me cause I care about you ♥

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