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Olivia. 15. Lesbian. Gemini. Sophmore at Community High. Ann Arbor&& Lansing Michigan. Pot&& Cigar Smoker. In Love. Black&& Mexican&& Dominican Republican. Writer. Partier. Drama Queen. Concieted. Emotional Wreck. Daddies Girl. A Cappella Singer. Blunt. Brat.


Sex. Jessica Sharmane Kelly. Hip Hop. Rap. Pop. Orange Juice. Dancing. Parties. Cigars. Marjiuana. Blackplanet. Livejournal. Tv. PPB&J. Xanga. AIM. My Family. My Friends. KFC. BBQ Chicken. Christmas. Getting Hit On. My Ipod. Weddings. Slow Music. Magic Tricks. Getting Dressed Up. Proving People Wrong. Text Messages. Late Night Calls. Letters. Diamonds. Roses. Online Shopping. Fitted Hats. Popsicles. Rings. Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie. Mini Skirts. Making Girls Jealous. My Cell Phone. Donkeys. Driving Fast. Money. Rights. Thanksgiving. Freestyle Battles. Drinking. The Playboy Bunny. Good Movies.


Racism. Homophobicism. Mean People. Smelly People. Depressed People. Rock Music&& Such. Compititon. Being Corrected. Wet Toliet Paper. P Diddy. Too Skinny Girls. Stomach Aches. Being Sick. My Enimes. Science Fiction. Harry Potter. Math. Drunken Men. Waking Up Early. Not Getting My Way. Pimps. Liars. Not Getting What I Want. Being Rejected. Perverts. Fake People. Paying For Stuff. Getting Caught. That Time Of The Month. Birthcontrol. Saying Goodbye. Cleaning.

Ooh babe you know I like it when you feel on me. Pullin on my waist I'm feelin energy. Gettin' kinda hard to keep ya hands off me. So slide a little lower put ya hands on my thigh. Maybe I know you like it if that right. I'ma show you how to make it last all night. Now let me see you shake it. Twist it, shake it, bend but don't break it. Work that body gettin' so crazy. Don't hurt nobody up in this party. Twist it, shake it, bend but don't break it. Twist It ;; Olivia ft. Lloyd Banks

Only add me if you know how to comment&& make friends comment on my friends only page&& add me first.

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