Lisa-~<_>~My Eyes R My Camera... (mysticchyna) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Lisa-~<_>~My Eyes R My Camera...

Let's Give This A Go, Eh?

Hello. My name is Lisa. I'm older than dirt, (soon to be the big 4 OH), and live in a basement apartment in an old run down Sears Roebuck house with my husband and two dogs. I have a Pug/Pekingese mix and a Pekingese. They are my world.

I am an amature photographer and my journal is VERY image heavy...I mean I post a photo about twice a week...but if you don't have a huge F/L then that shouldn't be an issue.

I am a contradiction of sorts, seeing as I have many Conservative views, yet also many (lets call it Open Minded) views, (I hate the term "liberal"). I'm neither a hardcore Republican nor am I a hardcore Democrat...I think both sides have good/bad points.

I have a huge variety of people on my friends list, artists, photographers, parents, students, freaks, goths, conservatives, don't let the information I give on my User Information page fool you, I'm actually quite tolerant. I also am a community check out the over 400 communties I'm in (but rarely post in for some odd reason), you may find something of interest to you. I also have MANY really nice, cool people on my F/L.

I'm often asked how I can keep up with my list. Well, I don't, really, like I said, I get behind often, but do catch up. I don't work, I'm a stay at home doggie mom, on SSDI. So I have the time I suppose, that, and I have severe, chronic insomnia. I read all journals/comment about once every 9 days or so. Sometime more often, but I always get caught up.

I really like cooking and eating, so a lot of my posts are of food photos, and recipes, etc. I post about a variety of things really...I rant and complain often...but also have a humorous and lighter side. I like to "mix it up a bit"...but I may be delusional and might in fact be a real snore...who knows...that's for you to see. *grins*

One thing I'm a bitch about is comments. I do get behind here, sometimes 10 days behind, but I DO get caught up and comment back. I interact on this here LJ thing...I give comments and fully expect mutual interaction. If you add me either be the type to make comments to entries or at least comment back to comments you get. I'm not talking every single entry...but at least a few times a month. I don't buy that "I only write for me" bullshit...if that were the case, you would not seek out people to read and add you. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

SO, there you have it...give my journal a gander and ADD ME PLEASE!

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