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Amanda lynn;. 16. crazy outgoing. funny. blonde hair w/ crazy/hot redish brown highlights & darkdark underneath. curly hair like no other. senior. emo kid at heart (<3). just got out of a bad,bad long distance relationship of 2 years. go to an all-girls school. teacher of 3rd graders. live w/ my dad. 3 younger brothers. waitress at pizza hut (i hate it.) obsessive compulsive. ADD like woah. kind of spoiled. daddy's girl<3. etc..
love; mac&cheese. driving. good music. loud music. fun times with friends. going to shows. icecream. sunglasses. my ghetto vehicle. saying random things. hiphop. r&b. emo. country. money. garden state. the notebook. shopping. new shoes. dancing. kids. teaching.
no thanks; stupid people. reading. mistakes. my car stalling. not having cash. green day. hellogoodbye. bitchy girls. caddiness. being home. orange people. myspace.
music; straylight run. coheed&cambria. mae. saves the day. anberlin. letter kills. the spill canvas. fallout boy. hawthrone heights. ultimate fakebook. dropline. something corporate. thrice. bright eyes. relient k. the roots. the academy is. aqualung. frou frou. the shins. the rocket summer. homegrown. the bravery. and then i turned seven. staind. the lyndsay diaries. aqualung. saves the day. the starting line. train. weezer. rufio. acceptance. alkaline trio. the postal service. autumn to ashes. foo fighters. hot hot heat. franz ferdinand. matchbook romance. mindless self indulgence. motion city soundtrack. senses fail. sugarcult. start trouble. the sounds of animals fighting. unwritten law. the used. yellowcard. jimmy eat world. hidden in plain view. copeland.

Comment here and fill out the questions. and then i'll add you.<3

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