you're so weird you're wonderful (_sueisfine_) wrote in _addmeicomment,
you're so weird you're wonderful

ive posted here before

but i think i will again. a little more detailed this time... after all... i love comments..and i love people who comment

this is

an anonymous journal. so basically, i add no one i actually know, and it is fairly more interesting than my "regular journal"

Smashing pumpkins
interesting people
shoegaze music
starbucks frappuccino (vanilla)
drama queens (but not drama)

people who are art critics but have no talent themself
boring people
lj drama
ex boyfriends who keep coming back

pain pills

for those of you who are visual there are pictures in my journal..but for the sake of anomnity, im not going to post them here

if you are interested either post in my friends only post or here :)

so once again
add me because i comment!!!!!!!

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