tracey says "relax" (robot_brain) wrote in _addmeicomment,
tracey says "relax"

my name's tracey
and i think i love you

  • Dumb people suck
  • Melodrama is bad
  • I like to comment
  • I like making new lj friends
  • I'm Jamaican
  • I like to write
  • I hate poetry
  • Cryptic livejournal entries are cool
  • I love smart people
  • I hate people who don't listen
  • Chinese food makes me happy
  • Asian guys make me blush
  • Late night phone conversations are love

MUSIC: Lagwagon, Lawrence Arms, Bad Religion, Hi-Standarad, Tilt, Bloc Party, The Blood Brothers, Gwar, Ley Royal Scam, None More Black, Kid Dynamite, NOFX, Against Me!, Operation Ivy, Settlefish, Sounds Like Violence, Chixdiggit, Sick Of It All, Descendents, Dillinger Four, The Early November, Thrusday, WIZO, Millencolin.

add me;

my userinfo has oodles of stuff about me.

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