Stanley Myers (swmii) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Stanley Myers

My name is Stanley and I am past 30 (but not that far past it). Currently I reside in the middle of the desert, also known as the great city of Phoenix Arizona. I am hard-of-hearing, who loves music (especially loud techno and electronica), reading books and watching tv/movies. I am also a christian and write about my struggles with my faith as well as some insights as to what I see God doing around me. Essentially I like to write long entries about things going on in my life, about God/religion, and sometimes about movies and books I read. I like to think that I write thought provoking stuff, although I occasionally write some totally random non-thought provoking stuff too.

Looking for friends who dont mind an occasional debate (arguers and closed minded people need not apply) or willing to leave comments on stuff I write about. I am also looking to read about other people's journey in life and will comment on occasion (ie if you write 5 times a week, I'll comment on at least one of them).

Finally... Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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