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*name – beth

*age - sixteen

 *location - minnesota


20 random things about me:

i listen to music everyday. i am going to be a junior. i love sharpies! i hate drama. i hate girls that gossip behind your back. i am sarcastic. i don’t take life very seriously. i tend to give people the benefit of the doubt... i don’t fit into any certain group at school, i kind of bounce between them. i’m fighting depression... i hate when people fight for no reason. i do confront people when they wrong me... i love competition. i love going to see bands play!! i love old music (led zeppelin, the doors, the beatles, on and on). hello kitty is adorable. individualism is the best. I’m very caring for other people and animals. i hate when others pretend to be someone they aren’t to gain acceptance. i am pretty accepting of people, those that are different from me are intriguing and the funnest to talk to.


this journal i just started because in my other one i kind of had to censor myself... more info in my profile. add me cuz i really, really comment!


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