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Name's Rachel, Very common, I know. I am 17, female, and live in South Jersey.

I love being alive, life is awesome even with it's rough spots and I adore talking to people, Things I promise to do are..

+ Comment. I know, seems to be the popular thing to say..But I will, trust me. Look at my information page and you will see I comment more then get.
+ READ, I don't skim.
+ I remain interested in ALL topics. I am a very easy going gal ;)
+ I appreciate opinions..good and bad. be honest, it's a good quality to have!
+ Expect everything I just said back. If your going to add me and never comment or read my journal, I'm not for you, sorry =(

Things I do not do.
- JUDGE. I am against all negative judgement..about looks, race, religion, age, sex, preferences. Don't bring it to my journal, biznitch =)
- CARE about what you write. It's your journal write w/e the hell you want =P Who cares what other people think?
- I don't care if you put !!!!! in your entries. That doesn't bother me but please, d0n'T TyPe LykE DiS.

I write about my boyfriend, sometimes sex, opinions, if I have a bad day, etc. if that bothers you, I'm awfully sorry. Don't add me.
I try to remain positive, however, I am usually a happy person. =)

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