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hey i'm lish.
i'm 16 and half.
um..lets staying active currently for the most part yeah. and my journal entries are so incredibly long mostly because i rant, but usually i post surveys about myself and i'm not the type of person that just answers a question "yes" or "no". i do make posts about my day though.
i'm completely random yet in a humorous and probably satirical way. obviously, i love putting my two-cents in and i comment on a lot, including lj journals and entries! XD ! i love people who are aren't afraid to be opinionated.
plus, i keep overusing periods a lot. haha just ch-ch-check out my journal you'll see.

HUGE PART OF ME right here. okay, it's mainly EMO/screamo/punk/alt/indie stuff (bands: mae, the academy is..., taking back sunday, fall out boy, flogging molly, dropkick murphys, SoCo, the early november, dashboard confessional, brand new, hellogoodbye, CoCa ) you know what? you can check out the whole list under my music interests on my mySpace. my pic is there too. add me you want, fuckers.
i also like the VERY occasional trance music and classical. (i dislike rap and the whole "gangster" image that goes along with it. and i try to stay away from pop music but in the end some gets stuck in my head anyway.)

i don't think you could say that i watch tv a WHOLE bunch but when i do i ♥ smallville, gilmore girls, the fresh prince of bel air, will and grace, real world, THE FOOD NETWORK IN GENERAL, spongebob squarepants, and stella.

boys, cocoa rice krispies, musicing, malling, movie-ing, friending, grocery shopping, onlining, hugging, phoning, comical sarcasm but not when it gets so overboard that you can't tell if the person is serious or not every other sentence lol, thick socks in the winter, skiing, eyeliner, make-up, partying it upp, (alright im gonna give up cause you can check out my myspace for the full list)

i don't really HATE people who smoke it's just smoking itself (big turn off though =/), and i don't like drugs..yeah im pretty much sXe lol
i don't like racists, homophobes, domestic violence, hypocrites, people who are too too serious,
people who TyPe LyK DiS and when my friends type words online like wuz/tyme/dhat/dhis/lolz/omgz/byez etc etc. (umm those have either more than or same # of letters if typed correctly),
i hate sporks because they are plastic and flimsy and can't function well as a fork OR a spoon. sorry.
shoebies are super gross.. okay, shoebie = someone who wears socks with any kind of open toe shoe.

here's an excerpt from one of my entries:
double stuff oreos are such a hoax. i bet they just fill the cookie with the same amount of cream as the regular oreos but they just don't PRESS THE TWO CHOCOLATE COOKIES TOGETHER HARD ENOUGH so the average unsuspecting American consumers of today's society see it and think "wow that cookie sure looks taller, therefore it's filled with MORE CREAM. YUM I THINK I'LL BUY IT AND PRAY THAT I DON'T GET AN ANGINA."
during the nap that i took today, i totally slept on my cellular device again. wow. yeah it's so beat up like my mp3 player.
awhile back, i was on my super cool mongoose mountain bike and i was listening to some cool tunes on that puppy and i didnt notice it but the whole time i was dragging that mp3 player on the pavement while riding my bike at like top speed. real smooth. that's why i gotta rely on my old school sony cd player ..

if you add me, can you just comment here or on one of my entries? thanks. =D
okay, i'm out

Add me, 'cause I really really comment.
haha its true.

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