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add me! cause i reeeeeally coment.

hey, i've posted in here before as _________1251__ and i just made this journal a few days ago. i need some friends, i don't know there's not much to me.
if you're all straight edge, you won't like me. drugs are glorious, and maybe you think that makes me a scumbag, but i'm fun. so fuck it.

i'm sammie, 16.
i can be mean to people i don't like, obviously. but i have a temper.
i smoke a lot, a lot.
i need nicotine, or i'll die.
i love dave matthews band tremendously.
nickelodeon never died to me.
i love comedy very much.
ii'm very sarcastic
i appreciate underground rap.
i think that if the world didn't revolve around the music people listened to, and if they dressed accordingly to its genre, all the emo kids wouldn't be able to breathe.
i have an afro, but not in any of these pictures..
they're all somewhat old pictures, but hey, now i rock a fro.
i've played bass for 7 years, my dad is one of the top 10 bassist's of the state.
i feel nakie without my cellular.
i'm delightfully canadian, but now i live in jersey.
i love people! ♥ i'm such a people person.
i love kitties and turtles and giraffes, theyre just my favorite :)!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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