Infinity (coolcat7910) wrote in _addmeicomment,

i like awkward moments. listening to people talk, figuring out their personalites. or when taking the subway... i look at every person, wondering what goes on in their life, who they are, what they do... it amuses me. finally living on my own... i'm trying to figure out who i am. but i really dont know if i ever will. spontanity. i love the feeling of landing a new trick(who doesnt?). people that stare at me need to get hit by a mac truck. summer thunderstorms. i pick up things with my feet. my legs are too long. real fruit ice pops. i don't mind being alone. actually, i love it) empty subway cars late at night. skating down eastern parkway on a beautiful day. alot of times i will keep repeating a phrase in my head and i can't stop no matter how hard i try. im living in brooklyn. working at blades. hometown's where the heart is, nazareth pa. yeah bethlehen steel and capital of coalmining. i'll probably be the most layed back, chilled girl youll ever meet. Raw. sitting on my roof late at night staring at the stars.

i'm a comment whore, and i love to read other people's journals. my journal is friends only, so add me there.

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