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I'm looking for YOU!

Okay, so I'm not new to this community anymore, but I never posted anything and I thought it's time to do so!

My name's Michaela and I'm from Germany. I don't like snow,winter and anything that has to do with cold except coke with ice in it ;-) I would never eat one sinlge mush-room or drink any milk.I hate getting up early and my eyes always burn and turn red at the disco because of all the smoke there. My wardrobe is full of clothes and nearly overflowing.The same goes with shoes and purses.I'm a prospective buyer and I own more cd's than I can count.I love mixing cocktails on my own and eating food from other countries like Turkey,Spain,England or - as obviously everyone does- Italy.Yummy.I can't start a day without my morning tea and I got my walls covered with framed photographs.I cling to my memories and I love my family as well as my boyfriend.I'm getting better and better in playing billiards.My hard disk is a disaster,seriously.I always save things and forget in which of the hundred folders I saved them.The best place on earth is my bed.I always drive too fast by car and I when I get out of my car at night,I feel queasy.I love Sushi and I like summer,lying on the beach and getting tanned,tough I don't like my feet.They're too skinny.I make my own bracelets,earrings and rings with Swarovski pearls and sometimes I sell them or give them as a present to my friends.I like getting selfmade presents better than anything buyed.It's more personal.I'm dreaming of having many kids in the future and sometimes it overcomes me and I buy some rompers every now and then.I got candles everywhere and sometimes I dance through my room,singing loudly.

got many hobbies, much to much to live them all out. I'm always in a hurry and my mind is full with ideas and to-do's.My days are always too short for doing everything I want, so you better don't bother me when I'm busy.I'm a little perfectionist and never stop until everything has turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be. I love to paint and draw since a couple of years and I adore a wonderful female artist of which I own many paintings of.Her pictures impressed me so much and were very influential. I don`t fancy myself a great artist,but I daily wanna improve myself and get better.

My second obsession is all about music.I think music is my life.I could hear it 24/7,night and day,nearly every minute.I guess I'm a concert-whore.The feeling there is incredible.I used to learn many instruments as a child for example guitar,base,piano,accordeon,percussion,flute,violin, and I still play quite a few instruments. I write my own songs,too.Most of them are ballads.I'm planning to publish some of the lyrics on my livejournal. I like listening to Evanescence,Fightstar,Maroon 5,Silbermond,Juli,Robbie Williams,Hanson,Ashlee Simpson,HIM,Hoobastank,3 Doors Down,The Rasmus,Sarit Hadad,Simple Plan,Keane,The Calling...just to mention a few.

I also like writing poems and short stories as well as books.Currently I`m working on my third book together with my friend. It`s just for fun and we never will publish it.

I`m very interested in languages,too.I'm learning Spain and Hebrew. Why Hebrew? Go away,that's a secret. I won't tell. Just keep on wondering.

On the one hand I like creating icons,blinkies,avatars and stuff like that,on the other hand I like designing websites and layouts for myself as well as for others.I'm the webmaster of

So, this is all about me, myself and I, and now I want to get to know YOU! It's your turn! I'm searching for new lj friends that have at least a few things in common with me.

This is me;-)

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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