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Add Me.

I need new friends.

a clockwork orange, american history x, edward scissor hands, nightmare before christmas, napolean dynamite, dead poets soceity, star wars 1 2 3 4 5 6! old scary movies, nothing digitally remastered.
12 step rebels, atreyu, aus-rotten, bad religion, billie holiday, billie idol, black flag, blitz, blondie, bouncing souls, casualties, circle jerks, clit-45, crass, cyndi lauper, danzig, dead boys, dead kenneys, demented are go!, die hunns, doa, dredg, dresden dolls, eagles, frank sinatra, gbh, generation x, gg allin, groovie ghoulies, hairspray, jerry lee lewis, lcb, leftover crack, lower class brats, lunachicks, motley crue, murder by death, nekromantix, new york dolls, nofx, nyc, oi polloi, oi! scouts, old afi, old old old rancid, operation ivy, patriot, river city rebels, sex, sham 69, skrewdriver, social distortion, stiff little fingers, stray cats, street brats, the adicts, the briefs, the chop tops, the clash, the cure, the damned, the devotchkas, the distillers, the drop kick murphys, the exploited, the eyeliners, the germs, the gogo's, the misfits, the new york rel-x, the ramones, the vibrators, the violent femmes, tiger army, toy dolls, tsol, tsunami bomb, velvet underground
to kill a mockingbird, perks of being a wallflower, the secret life of bees, learning to swim, blonde, the fuckup, star girl, gossip girls, ordinary people, one flew over the cukoos nest, of mice and men, the five people you meet in heaven, east of eden, what the fuck i`m a book whore. you name it, i`ve read it.
I cant spell, for shit.
I`m in love.
I write, and that`s what I have gotten scholarships for.
One day I will write a book, that will become a best seller.
I hate everyone and everything.
I`m a complete bitch.
I don`t like the girls on MYspace who take 1/2 naked pictures of themselves at photo shoots kissing girls and adding everyone because they don`t get enough attention as it is.
People call me Brum, you can too.
I like comments
My dad flies planes = I can go wherever, whenever.
I don`t do drugs, nor drinking
I`m sick of liars
I post 95& of pictures in B&W, I don`t know why.
I love little kids
I hate backstabbers
I like roaming through graveyards
I love the city- but no I don`t go there to be "scene" cus it`s the cool thing to do
I am talented
I believe horoscopes
I won`t swim in any lakes or oceans- so don`t invite me to the beach
You`re lucky if you`re on my good side.
I`m smart as hell; but don`t look it.
I don`t like obnoxious 19 year olds
I don`t like girls who flirt with my boyfriend
I like new friends
I`m attending Saint Johns University in the fall. Lord knows I won`t fit in but who the fuck cares?
I`m conceited, and I know this.
I`m deathly afraid of E.T
I think that ghosts are real
I don`t have good friends, all of them lie to me (yet I continue to talk to them)
I have about 3 trustworthy people in my life. Which doesn`t all mean they are girls or from around here
I despise Rap music
I`m scared to die alone
I`m afraid of driving
You`ll know it if I don`t like you.
I don`t like girls who do teh siqq m0sh. it fucking bothers me to no end. you`re mosh ain`t that sick, so fucking stop!!!

my favorite boy, ever♥

Oh, and add me, cause I really really comment.

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