Justice Jones (lilmizzoleskool) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Justice Jones

Hey everybody my name is Justice , and no thats not the name my momma gave me.

I'm 17..  my emancipation day is Oct. 11

I comment daily and i post usually about 5 times a week.

I love hip hop, accessories, jazz, dave chapelle!, poetry, reading other peoples journals, activism, history, intelligent conversations, singin, comedy, ... for more jus check my info

I love all types of people so add me and comment on my F.O. banner

Don't add me if:

- you want a longer friends list

- you're a homophobe or a racist

- you just want a long ass friends list

-you hate vulgarity.. cuz i say fuck more times than a muthafucka :oP


this will most likely be x-posted until the cows come home

Add me 'cause i really really comment!!!


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