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My name is Liz.
I'm 16.
I am a music addict.
+bands include+
- from first to last
- the receiving end of sirens
- emanuel
- senses fail
- ben folds
- the strokes
I have a very diverse taste of music.
.. and style.
I love fashion.
I'm bold and I'm definitely not afraid to show my tastes (or lack there of it).
I'm opinionaited.
I'm a fucking cunt.
I change my hair a lot. [see below lj-cut]
I do crazy things without thinking about the consequences.
That's bad.
I comment a lot. If you don't do not add me.
I update a lot.
If want to make up some crazy nickname to remember me do it, I'll do the same back, I usually do anyways.
I know html.

hair line.
brown, au natural. Only.. not.
then with blond highlights
dark brown
Image hosted by short
Image hosted by bleached

now, if you want me.
add me.
tell me.

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