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my name is noel (aka. nole, the nole, the nolester, noley, me what ever you want.) i am thirteen. i am bi. i looooooooove music. dancing is fun. i like comments. meeting new people is fun. red bull and pixie stix are good. i hate stupid ass fucks.

some bands i listen to are...AFI, Alkaline Trio, Blood Brothers, the Clash, the Cure, the Doors, the Dresden Dolls, Fear Before the March of Flames, Hunter Revenge, Interpol, KMFDM, Led Zepplin, Mates of State, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Queen, Sublime, Tiger Army, Tsunami Bomb, VNV Nation, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.i'm not to picky i'll listen to anything.

i like JtHM comics (JV is awesome). tim burton films are bitchin'. i play bass, saxophone, piano, and some guitar and drums. i can't think.

look on my info page for more info and please comment on my friends only post thing. thank you and good night.


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