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I like to smile

Hi, I'm Brie.  I am a girl and a friendly,creative one. 
Under eighteen.
Jackson, Michigan.
I paint & I listen to music & dance & take pictures.
Add me first & let me know on my friends only post.  I'll add you back because I'm cool like that. And I comment because I'm interested in other peoples' lives than mine.
"Add me cause I really really comment"

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Death Cab For Cutie || The Faint || A Perfect Circle || The Postal Service || The Shins || Hot Hot Heat || The Cars || Switchfoot || Lit || The Doors || Metric || Ladytron || Pretty Girls Make Graves || The Yeah Yeah Yeahs || Something Corporate ||The Beatles || Pink Floyd || Led Zepplin || Nine Inch Nails || Tool || Red Hot Chili Peppers || The White Stripes || The Stills || Pavement || Dogwood || Incubus || Jem || Cake || Tilly & The Wall || Pixies || Rilo Kiley

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