tonight is all about us (lol____whatev) wrote in _addmeicomment,
tonight is all about us

Girl.Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bands;Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Postal Service, The Blood Brothers, He Is Legend, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Thursday, The Academy Is, Daughters, Some Girls, HIPV, Thrice, I Can Make A Mess.., Spitalfield, Unearth, Between The Buried & Me, Norma Jean, The Chinese Stars, Fall Out Boy, The Unicorns, ZAO, Rilo Kiley

Likes;sirens, seeing airplanes, toasting marshmallows, morning hair, feeling amazed, local shows, panda express, smoothies, walking downtown, thinking in the rain, watching the stars, cloudy days, pj bottoms, ice cubes, rolling down hills, canned fruit, dine-oh-saurs, burning up the dance floor, screaming terribly obscene things.


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