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Add, me I comment!

Hey, this is my new journal. I am 16, into rock, emo, metal, indie music. I am 5'7, have dyed hair, like to wear a lot of eyeliner and, I am looking for cool people, guys and gals to talk to, comment and read their journals, if they do so for me too. I am not just looking for people to fill up my friends section, I genuinely want to meet new people that share some interests with me. So, if you just add me and comment on my friends only post, I will add you back. But please fill in the small section while commenting, I just want to know some stuff about you before adding you, resonable methinks, :]. I am pretty cool once you get to know me, and I don't fill in surveys and so on, so it's just a journal for thoughts and other random things, maybe photos.

I also have myspace, so, if you wanna see what I look like, go and have a look.



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