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Hay everyone! I just got a new live journal and Im looking for some friends. Add me if u like;)

Name-Becky Velasquez
Age-13(will be 14 on May 28!)
Music-The Killers,My Chemical Romance,Blink-182,Led Zepplin,Pearl Jam,Oaisis,3 Doors Down......u get the point right?
Celeb Obssesions-Ashton Kutcher,Chad Michael Murray,Adam Brody
Hobbies-Playing violin,reading,live journal,being with my friends,internet
Fave stores-American Eagle,Aeropostle,Gazooks,Buckle,Target,Forever 21,Claries
Well thats just the basics,I guess. I hope you add me cause I do comment a lot! I try to comment like on almost every entry and i update quite often. So ya,plz add me!

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