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;*Kayla Marie Baird


;*Single, But i've got something goin' on

;*Claysburg, Pennsylvania


Like i Said I'm Kayla; I'm a really fun person to be around; I Like almost everyone; I'm the one that makes you laugh; and i'll do almost anything to make someone smile; I Love these stores; Holliser; American Eagle; Pacific Sunwear; Charolette-Ruse;* The Bands or Artists; The Rolling Stones; Lynyrd Skynyrd; The Ramones; Guns N Roses; 50 Cent; Eminem; Ludacris; Shinedown; Velvet Revolver; Mudvayne; Story Of the Year; Motley Crue; Green Day; Gwen Stefani;* Movies; Without a paddle; Saw; Friday Night Lights; The Rocky Movies; Scareface;* Actor/Actress; Matthew Lillard; Adam Sandler; Jim Carey; Kate Hudson;* Foods; French Fries; Chicken Fingers; Salad; Hot Turkey; Mash Potatoes; Ham; Noodles;* Others; Camping; Summer; swimming; Sex; Shopping; Being with my friends; hangin out; havin fun; Drinkin; talking; Alcohol;* Southern Comfort; Bacardi Raz; Smirnoff; Corona; Captain Morgan Parrot's Bay; Stuff that Burns your throat is my kinda drinkin';* My Idol's; Marilyn Monroe; Nicole Richie;* My Favorite Sayings; Follow Your Heart and Nothing else; Lifes Short Break some rules; Life is about Learning and making mistakes and doing what YOU want to DO;* Favorite Lyric; Howie Day-Collide.. "Even the Best fall down Sometimes, Even the Wrong words seem to ryhme, Outta the doubt that Fills My Mind, Somehow Find, You and I C.o.l.l.i.d.e";*  Taking Back Sunday- Your So Last Summer- "I'd Never Lie to you, unless i had to i'll do what i got to unless i had to, The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleedin' on your shirt";* My Love Life;* I'm heart Broken; I Like someone; for the past 2 years; he dont like me; But i like to have sex with him;

;*Add Me First, Then I'll Add you*; And I'll Love you if you Read that whole thing! ;*

I Like to Comment; and Read people's Journal's; I need some More Friends Cause A lot of mine a lacking on the commenting on my journal;*     add Muah <3



lookatthatsexybitch.bmpme_and_thesexykittens_.bmp--Thats Muah..<3



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