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I had a friends cut a while back and now I don't have that many friends:( My name is Nicole. I LOVE reading and commenting on friends journals. Makes me feel better about not having much of a life. I am extremely weird....sometimes. I'm obsessed with piercings(my belly button, eyebrow, and ears are pierced and I want my lip pierced) but I'm terrified of needles. Like I said, weird. I live in the polar wasteland of Wisconsin but soon I am moving to Iowa.....again. I am 16 almost 17 but sometimes I can be immature. Only sometimes though. I love hanging with my friends and acting like a moron. Malls are fun. Especially when you can go up and bug random people. I love taking stupid pictures of me and my friends. I seriously dislike cocky people and homophobes. Other than that though I like pretty much everybody. I love making new friends!!

Add me 'cause I really really comment.

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