mymania (mymania) wrote in _addmeicomment,

Claire. 15. Female.

Tilly&The Wall. George. Atreyu. Bjork. My Chemical Romance. Death Cab For Cutie. The Postal Service. The Used. From First To Last. Grinspoon. The Spazzys. Garbage. Little Birdie. Jack Johnson. Missy Higgins. Pete Murray. Bloc Party. The Blood Brothers. Coheed and Cambria. Modest Mouse. The Libertines. The Killers. The Vines. The Hives. The Futureheads. The Scissor Sisters. The Cat Empire. The Spice Girls. Hanson. Bright Eyes. Fall Out Boy. From Autumn To Ashes. Hot Hot Heat. Jebediah. Matchbox 20. Nirvana. Oasis. Something Corporate. The Spill Canvas. Thirsty Merc. Thursday. Tiger Army. Le Tigre. Norma Jean. Matchbook Romance. FBTMOTF. The Mars Volta. Evermore. 1200 Techniques. Queens Of The Stone Age. The Donnas. Millencolin. John Butler Trio. Spiderbait. Rage Against The Machines. Rise Against. Xavier Rudd.

Comment on my friends only post thanks

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