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My name is Allison or Allie. Whichever you prefer. I just came back to livejournal after a few months of not getting online much and paying more attention to my offline friends. I love commenting, and thus I don't have many friends or journals to read. :[ I'm very open minded and I like pretty much everyone unless you're stuck-up. I don't label myself. I'll shop at American Eagle and the get a cute tank top from Target. Who cares? I'm obsessed with Jesse McCartney and seriously thinks "She's No You" was written for me, lmfao. I love shopping & going to the mall with my best friend. When it comes to music I like everything. I'll listen to Muse and then dance in the mirror to Justin Timberlake. Mchael Jackson cerca 1984 is great too-and Billy Joel is neat. I love the breakfast club & sixteen candles as do most kids who like the eighties. Which is a lot of people. I'll stop rambling and get to the point; add me?


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