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HI! So my name is Neil. I live in Plainview, NY (it's on Long Island). I am 18 years old and currently attend the George Washington University in Washington DC. I would really prefer anyone that comments or adds me to be from either Washington DC or New York because having friends who live far away hurts cuz i want to spend time with them but can't. Anyone I am currently friends with on LJ rarely comments on mine if at all. I comment rather regualarly. I don't necessarily comment on every post, but on most. I'm very opinionated and also very into music and politics. I'm also rather silly at times because I believe in basically doing anything for the sake of fun. For example I currently have a heart shaved in the side of my head. Why? I think its funny. I do that type of thing a lot. I'm a bit weird. But yea, please comment and add me - i love talking to people and getting to know people. I'm caring and honest. fuck, i feel like i'm taking out a personal ad here. i'm going to stop rambling ...... now.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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