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copied and pasted from my userinfo:
im 19. im amy.
i like to move things around and clean up and re arrange and change things like my myspace, i guess because of the mere fact that i, myself am changing all the time. im not hxc or sxe or emo or anything cool like that so if i feel the need to put and x somehwhere--i will do so whenever and wherever i please. i don't like to label myself because i don't feel i necessarily fit into a label, and because i think labels are stupid. i have a vagina, meaning i am a girl. i am NOT SINGLE. i like chocolate a lot, and my birthday, and christmas. i only like snow around christmas time, because to me thats the only time its appropriate. i like to meet people, but not stupid or annoying people which rules out about 96% of the entire population if you want to know more, you can check my user info. my journal is friends only. comment to be added and ill check you out and see if i want to add you.

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add me because i really really comment.

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