stace_xox (stace_xox) wrote in _addmeicomment,

Hey all;
Im looking for a few more new friends to add to my journal so read my info on my userinfo page and if you like what you read then dont be afraid to add me.

Im not about to post a bunch of one hit wonder bands because I dont give a shit what type of music you like or dont like. I dont go around making friends like that ..I think it's kind of stupid.

Race, age and gender is unimportant. You could be brown, yellow, blue, green, pink, white, 300lbs with purple hair ...I dont care just be real!

Dont add me if your suicidal, depressed 24/7 and cut your arms for god knows what reason. But seriously life is too short to be fucked up like that and I dont want to read about all the drama.

Also I speak my mind and if you cant handle that then please don't add me.

add me if you want.

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