she's bittersweet. (unhappy_ragdoll) wrote in _addmeicomment,
she's bittersweet.

name; jenn
age; 18
grade; senior
location; east brunswick, nj
orientation; bi
stats; chillin solo & not looking
piercings/tatoos;wanting a peace sign on my lower back, and one hole in each ear.

I'm Werid,I'm Depressed,I have anger problems.
I'm Broken. I have ADD. I'm insane. I'm Sane.
I'm crazy. I'm not perfect whatsoever. I label
I scene. I'm happy sometimes. I'm a bestfriend/friend/daughter.
i have strong hates for bullies and mean people..
i hate when people fucking make fun of me and others.
i hate LAIRS. I'm funny, Sweet and caring.
I'n nice,sweet and outspoken & I'm outgoing and shy often.
I'm a people person. I cry a lot. I hate my FATHER.
I'm spontenous. I'm odd. Creative. a plastic whore.
i hate sluts and i hate people who are FAKE and LIE.
i hate you if you are a homophobe. I'm a bitch sometimes
I'm an asshole most of the time.
i have a big sticker on my ceiling saying "jesus loves you
but everyone else thinks you're an asshole."
I only fell in love three times. Love sucks.
I hookup. I'm a virgin and plan to keep it THAt way till i'm married.
i hate pot & its dumb. & i feel loose. i'm a rebel.
i'm me.


sponge bob,livejournal
flirting with hot guys.
guys that play guitar& hookingup with hawt giirls.
friends, my fucking space.
meeting new people
digi cams..emo,punk,rock,metal,indie music
the color black,pink,brown,orange,limegreen &
teal &&***<33 ;P
sushi & mood rings
playing pool & nintendo
the stone onyx,peace signs.hearts.stars
boys..girls..shaggy hair,the stone amber.
dickies..pacsun.. the hot topic.
hello kitty * being werid.
the word spiffy & rad
strawberry shortcake
care bears..rainbows.. midnight blue skys. && lust.. being romantic.<3
poems. reading,, writing..laughing.. chillin..relaxing.

Taking Back Sunday. Senses fail. The used. From autumn to ashes
Matchbook Romance. Midtown. Madison. Saves the day.
AFI. Adema. The early November. Twisted Sister.
Coheed and Cambria. Jimmy eat world. Chevelle.
Dashboard Confessional. Thrice. Green day. The Killers.
Something Corporate. Lost prophets. My chemical romance.
Mest. Fall out boy. All american rejects. Story of the year.
Sublime. From Zero. System of a down. SugarCult.
Deftones. Finch. Kittie. Avril Lavigne.
Punchline. romance.
Boys night out. Count the stars. the juliana theory.
the ataris. yellowcard. brand new. streetlight.
thrice. thursday. bright eyes. three days grace
thornley. papa roach. jet. atreyu. From first to last.
yup all my bands i like, if u know anymore that are good
remend me some to listen too<33

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