sideshow_ash (sideshow_ash) wrote in _addmeicomment,

[x] ashelee
[x] 21
[x] new orleans / houston / brooklyn
[x] i smoke a pack a day. drink way to much whiskey. and play pool more than i do anything else.
[x] / bikini kill / bright eyes / dead kennedys / death cab for cutie / interpol / modest mouse / pretty girls make graves / q and not u / taking back sunday / the blood brothers / the mars volta / the postal service / the rapture / at the drive in / operation ivy / sick of it all / the strokes / dropkick murphys / the impossibles / bouncing souls / subhumans / weezer / sleater kinney / tv on the radio / reggie and the full effect / tiger army / buddy holly / brand new / avenged sevenfold / the used / my chemical romance / thursday / gravy train / blonde redhead / rilo kiley / broken social scene / circle takes the square / alkaline trio / the pixies / i am the world trade center / iggy & the stooges / richard hell / johnny thunders / the smiths / morrissey / smashing pumpkins / dj shadow / johnny thunders & the heartbreakers / richard hell & the voidoids / beat happening / joy divison / the shins / the walkmen /
[x] / fashion design / drinking / brownies / shows / books / pool and/or billiards / history / passionate love making / house parties / diners /teaching / poker / cooking / piercings / irish pubs / local dive bars / mexican food /underachievement / hugs / pretending/
[x] friends kick ass. i kick ass. add my lj and my myspace.

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